The Passion Week Prayer Path in the Pigeon Park 2023

The Passion Week Prayer Path is back in the Pigeon Village Park March 25- April 10, 2023. This self guided walk through 15 passages of scripture that recount the events of Jesus’ final week on earth. Simply head out to the park at the time that works for you. Begin at the welcome sign found on the north side of the parking lot, next to the basketball courts.

When you arrive use your own Bible, a paper pamphlet available at the welcome station, or pull up the Bible App event on your phone (which will read the passages to you if you choose) to read the stories that go with each station as you walk along the path. Spend time prayerfully reflecting on these texts and the corresponding images at each of the stations.

We hope that this will serve as a meaningful way for you to prayerfully dwell with the significance of what Jesus did for you and for the world in that week. May God richly bless you in the weeks to come.